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What's New in Automation Studio™ E6.1

New Interface

New Ribbon bar to ease navigation as well as a customizable Quick Access bar to rapidly select most used functionalities.

Realistic Measuring Instruments

Realistic measuring tools: multimeter, oscilloscope, hydraulic tester, thermometer and manometer, can be used to reproduce real life measuring experience.


Create or activate pre-defined component failure to develop troubleshooting skills. Failures can be activated by preset conditions or manually during simulation.

Manufacturers' Catalogues

Create and simulate schematics using real life component behavior from our extensive manufacturers' library that includes PDF specifications and test benches.

Variable Frequency Drives

Motor soft starters and variable frequency drives are available. VFDs are built according to manufacturers’ specifications such as Siemens™, Allen Bradley™, WEG™, etc.

Mechanism Manager

Using the Mechanism Manager, mechanical bodies can be linked to Fluid Power actuators to simulate and animate their effects.

3D HMI Module

A 3D editor for creating and importing 3D parts in STEP, STL and IGES which can be visualized, simulated and animated with the technologies that drive them.

Interactive Course Content

Automation Studio™ provides tools to help teachers create interactive and animated course content such as the Workflow Manager.

Component Sizing

Calculation worksheets are provided for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical components which include calculation tools provided with applicable equations and parameter definitions.

Component Tooltip

By hovering on a component, pre-selected parameters are automatically displayed on the screen to show additional information.

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