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Interface to real equipments

I/O Interface Kit

Students can use the software as

  • A SoftPLC trainer to control real devices such as a pneumatic or electric power trainer.
  • PLC simulator trainer system (a real PLC sends signals to the software components.)

Use Automation Studio™ as a PLC Trainer

By using Libraries such as the Electrical Control, Sequential Function Chart, or the PLC Ladder Logic Libraries, Automation Studio™ becomes the tool of choice to teach automated control concepts prior to using a real PLC.

Users benefit from the friendliness of the software and can concentrate on the automation control designs without needing to learn a more difficult PLC programming software. By using the I/O Interface Kit, users can immediately connect Automation Studio™ to external devices found in training labs. Automation Studio™ can then be used as a substitute PLC to control the equipment.

Use Automation Studio™ as an Input/Output Simulator for Real PLC Training

In turn, the I/O Interface Kit can help connect a PLC directly to Automation Studio™. In this mode, Automation Studio™ becomes an Input/Output simulator and will enable users to create PLC programs controlling entirely simulated systems.

OPC Client

With Automation Studio™ OPC module, users can exchange data with any PLC or other control devices for which a manufacturer supplies an OPC server software. After installing the OPC server for the device of your choice, simply map the addresses and turn Automation Studio™ into a versatile I/O simulator or a Soft-PLC.

Automation Studio™ OPC Client Module Provides Industry Standard Interface to Simplify Connectivity with Multiple Vendors PLCs and Software

This new module provides a connection between the industry standard OPC interface applications and Automation Studio™ simulation and Variable Manager. The OPC module allows any OPC compliant server software to interface easily with Automation Studio™ and exchange data.

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