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Features in Automation Studio™

Thousands of Symbols at Hand

Comprehensive sets of libraries with ISO components that can be used to teach a wide array of subjects related to hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and control technologies.

Customizable Library

Easily create your own library with required components specific to an exercise or laboratory. Also, reproduce any Lab equipment to simulate them before the hands-on experience.

Virtual Systems

Using the Electrical and PLC Libraries as well as the SFC module, students simply link sensors, switches, lights, conveyors, etc., in order to make the Virtual Systems operate according to the teacher’s instructions.

Remote Access

Online remote access licence connection for teachers and students. You can prepare and simulate your courses and homework from home, school or workplace.

Connect to Real Devices

In order to connect Automation Studio™ to an external hardware, you can either use an I/O interface kit or an OPC Client Server.

Insert Pictures and Text on Schematics

Insert texts and images to your schematics to create complete documented circuits.

Link between all Technologies

All technologies can be linked together to create a complete mechatronic system that reinforces the student understanding of system interactions.

Linked Videos, Hyperlinks, Files, etc.

Document your components by adding external links to videos, files, and others, to enhance understanding of these components or systems.

Component Properties

All components have properties that can be easily changed in order to visualize their effect during simulation.

Configuration Tools

Create and configure valves, cylinders, motors, etc. to obtain a component graphically and technically compliant to real performances.

HMI - Animation according to Schematics

Create animation linked with the circuit, enhancing your schematic and making it more visual for students.

Cut & Paste to other Applications

Cut and Paste directly into another application with a great resolution and in colour to create assignments.

Simulation Pace

The simulation paces "Normal", "Slow Motion", "Step by Step" and "Pause" allow users to control the simulation pace.

Dynamic Measuring Tool

Virtual measuring instruments can be placed directly on the component to measure a wide range of parameters that can be saved and viewed in the Plotter.

Fluid Power and Electrical Plotter

With a simple Drag and Drop operation, you can plot simulated parameters which can be exported to a text file for further analysis.

Create Video Files of your Project

Create video files of your projects that can be used with other applications, or record the entire application for training purpose.


Customizable and dynamic Bill of Material that can be placed directly on the schematic or exported to create a report.

IEC & NEMA Electrical Standards

Automation Studio™ offers the possibilities to create circuits using both American and European standards, to initiate students to the differences in symbols.

Print & Export

Simply print to any size of paper or export your circuit in multiple formats to share with other applications.

Control Panel

This module allows the easy creation of control panels and the operation of your circuits, virtual systems or real equipment.

Colour Animation

During simulation, components are animated, lines and wires are colour-coded according to their state.

Dynamic, Realistic, and Visual Simulation

The simulation allows the accurate reproduction of the system behaviour in a dynamic and visual way.


Select from predefined templates or create your own with the default information of your choice like school logo, BOM, etc.

Cut-Away Animation

The animated component cross-sections illustrate the internal functioning of components. The animations are synchronized with the circuit simulation.

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