The Tool of Choice for Teaching Mechatronics and Automation Technologies,
including Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical Systems, PLC Controls, and more

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Live Online Demo, Automation Studio™ Educational Version
Automation Studio™ now gives you and your students the possibility to control animated systems.
Animated Virtual Systems Available for Download, Version 5.6 users
If you teach subjects related to hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, PLC, and control technologies, the illustration of concepts and the behavior of systems are at the heart of your requirements.
Used in thousands of schools worldwide, Automation Studio™ is a unique software solution which offers intuitive design, animation, simulation, and circuit analysis functionalities in a user-friendly environment.
It allows teachers to expose more content in less time, improves students' understanding of concepts and diagnosis capabilities, and brings to schools, colleges, and universities an optimal return on investment.

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