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HydraForce has Significantly Reduced the Development Time of Hydraulic Integrated Circuits by Integrating its Valve Library into Automation Studio™ Software from Famic Technologies

July 6, 2010- HydraForce of Lincolnshire, IL (www.HydraForce.com), producer of the world’s broadest range of high quality, cartridge valves has collaborated with Famic Technologies Inc. (www.FamicTech.com) of Saint Laurent, Quebec to incorporate their valve library into Famic’s Automation Studio software.

The HydraForce product-enhanced software will allow complete modeling of an integrated hydraulic circuit inside Automation Studio. HydraForce Distributors and OEM customers will be able to easily design system circuits using HydraForce components and provide quick circuit simulation to verify various system functions including performance calculations, heat-load requirements and other engineering considerations such as horsepower, pressure drop and volumetric efficiency.

HydraForce incorporated over 900 valves, components, and options into Automation Studio, an innovative system design, simulation and project documentation solution for the design and support of automation and fluid power systems.

HydraForce and Famic have developed detailed, functional simulations for Automation Studio software that will simulate HydraForce products performance in a hydraulic circuit, as well as their compatibility with other system components (see figure 1).

Automation Studio provides system animation with interactive operator components such as joysticks, steering wheels, and switches, in order to input proportional function commands to a simulation (see figure2).

HydraForce and Famic have worked together in the past on
i-Design, a hydraulic system design software that allows users to create custom integrated manifold circuits, specify valve assembly layout, as well as determine the price of the assembly.

Automation Studio V5.7
has now incorporated a fully compatibly Hydraforce library so that a user can start a project in i-Design and then export into Automation Studio for simulation. Tony Casale, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at HydraForce had this to say about the project, “The integration of HydraForce components into Automation Studio offers a huge advantage to system designers. The time it takes to develop and prototype a machine lowers significantly as the number of iterations of a hydraulic circuit, and testing time decrease. Incorporating our products into the Automation Studio platform and making it compatible with i- Design was the next logical progression for making system design easier on our customers.”

Tony Casale also added this, “i-Design has become the primary vehicle for our customers to submit projects through our sales and engineering department. Because of our previous work with Famic on i-Design, our customers can now seamlessly integrate circuits from i-Design and Automation studio for functional testing prior to quoting and shipping a product. The industry has been trending toward cartridge valves for quite some time now, the inclusion of our products into Automation Studio should help to broaden the awareness of cartridge valves in hydraulic applications.”

Charbel Nasr, President of Famic Technologies, has said, “When companies are faced with challenging economic conditions, management teams have to be very creative in order to do more with less. Automation Studio is making them stand out! The tool improves productivity and efficiency at every step of the product lifecycle. It allows projects to be delivered on time and within their budget limitations. It clearly makes the difference. Our partnership with HydraForce makes it even easier for Automation Studio users to efficiently design systems using HydraForce components. Most of all, it confirms once again the innovation that Automation Studio brings as a distinctive solution for engineering, training, and servicing of complete systems.”